Monday, July 20, 2009

That's Miss Blogger to You...

It was a hot, humid July evening in Idaho. The sun was still beating down on those of us gathered in the park to celebrate our friend's birthday. There were hot dogs, tacos, chips, laughter, water balloon volleyball, and lots of little kids--all the ingredients for a great time.

My husband and I felt a bit out of place since the only people we knew out of the approximately 25 people there were the Birthday Girl, BG's husband, and their two kids. We had been sitting at the picnic table quietly talking to our host for about ten minutes when he decides that introductions are in order. A very pretty lady happened to be getting a drink right by us when our host, BG's husband, my former friend, loudly announces, "Hey, you should meet Missie! She's a blogger too!"

And in that moment, the Lord received a prayer in which I requested the Earth open up and swallow me whole.

For the lady he introduced me to? Has like a REAL BLOG. Where she writes beautiful, thought-provoking, profound posts about actual subjects. Oh, and accompanies them with professional pictures--that she takes. Of course this has to be the very first person that I am ever introduced to as a "blogger." Absolutely of course...

She very politely asked me, "What is your blog name? What do you write about?" or at least I think those were her questions. My brain was still short circuiting at that point, busy planning a very painful demise for BG's husband, who from now on forever shall be known as Mr. Big Mouthy McTraitorPants. (I am just kidding. I won't actually call him that EVERY time I see him.) I mumbled something like "You really don't want to come by my blog. Seriously. It's not very good and I do alot of talking about my kids."

(Can I just remark on my stupidity? Here I am, typing on my laptop, and I stopped to open up my cell phone to CHECK THE TIME. BECAUSE IT'S NOT LIKE MY LAPTOP HAS A LITTLE CLOCK IN THE CORNER OR ANYTHING. Some people!)

She was very nice and took my blog information, and has even stopped by. I had somewhat gotten over my embarrassment by the time we came home on Saturday night and then...I looked at her blog. Um, yeah. I kinda felt like one of those people on American Idol (patooie! hate that show!) who gets up to show off her singing ability only to find out one of the guest judges is the featured soprano at the Metropolitan Opera.

To all five of you who regularly stop by here, I would like to say thanks and that I am sorry. I will try to make the content better in the future. Or try to at least HAVE content. Or maybe just be content. I forget.

But for now, I will revel in my title of "Blogger." You don't have to bow when you see me. A simple nod will do.

p.s. Did y'all see I have two followers? TWO! And I am not related to either one of them! One is a friend from college, and one I had never heard of before until I saw she was a follower! I have people, people! Now I am off to work on our secret handshake.


Daiquiri said...

You ARE a real blogger - you put yourself out there to share your life and faith and wonderful sense of humor. Loving the name for BG's hubby - hilarious! You're far too hard on yourself. Wanna know how I know? Because I've nearly shut down and deleted my blog MANY a time..."not pretty enough", "not enough followers", "stupid old me anyway, who cares?" Seriously - but then I think Hey, I'm the only ME. I have experiences and insights that might be new, and at the very least are unique...because I'm the only me. So there world. If you don't like it, move on to the next blog. And then when I least expect it, a very pretty lady blogger calls ME a "real blogger". Imagine my surprise.

On my worst blogging days (which feels like about every 3 days or so), I finally resign myself to just sharing the amazing things that the Lord has done in my life. I suck. I'm boring. I'm ordinary. I'm a mess. But HIM? HE is incredible and beautiful and worth writing about. Who knows...maybe someday in Heaven I'll get to meet someone who came to Him because of something he/she read at my little old blog. THEN...and only then....will I consider myself a "real blogger".

Keep writing - you're wonderful. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. And by the way - thanks for the very kind and generous words. I was in need of a little encouragement tonight :)

Blessings, my bloggy friend!

Missie said...


Thank you for your kind words. I hope that somehow, in some small way, my blog might point people to the One who makes this life worth living. Only time will tell.

And you so don't suck, aren't stupid, and are definitely not ordinary. If for no other reason than you have four kids and still have all your hair.

StarvingWriteNow said...

McTraitorpants...snort!!! Classic!

Merry Sunshine said...

Okay! I have a bone to pick with you! I was your very first follower for all those months (and lonely months they were, too!); faithfully reading and anticipating the next time you would post something new. Now, and only now, after someone else--whom you admit you don't even know--begins to follow your blog, do you FINALLY recognize the ONE person who has followed you faithfully, even when you had no other followers! SNORT!! What's up with that?!

Just kidding! I was only practicing my McWhineypants attitude. How'd I do?

Daiquiri said...

Ha! Did you notice why we left the party as early as we did? My 3rd, who spend the entire evening swinging on the motion sick from said swing and puked all over herself (and dumb swing). The barfed more on the way home.

My glam :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE you...and your little bloggy blog. I'm sorry my McTraitor husband outed you. Can I get him with a side of fries, please? But I totally credit him for bringing you and Daiquiri together.

Missie said...

Jess, okay, okay. I will forgive Ozz for his BLAHBLAHMISSIEISABLOGGER because of the D-factor. Her blog is kinda wonderful and I would have hated to miss out on it.