Sunday, August 16, 2009


That's right.

Count 'em.

Three, baby.



StarvingWriteNow said...

make that 4. oh yeah. I'm totally following the crowd over here.

Missie said...

I stand corrected...I have Four! Thanks, Starving, for joining the crowd. I promise we won't lead you into drugs, gambling, or other delinquent behavior.

StarvingWriteNow said...

Whaaaaattt??? No delinquency? I was TOLD this was THE delinquent site to belong to on the web! THE SITE!!! And now you're telling me it isn't? Where am I going to get my delinquency dose from then? Huh? Well? Huh?

btw, my word verif is "enesserm". Sounds like a catastrophic mess, like "After the tornado, the whole neighborhood was in enesserm."

Stephanie said...

Wait - hold the phone - you have FIVE, woman. Thanks for coming by and heaping praise on my sweaty efforts. Despite all the sweating and calorie burning, I'm not dropping much weight. I am mystified, but still keeping the faith.

You know, my word verif is "mings." I am always intrigued by those word verfications and I see that StarvingWriteNow is also a fan. I think "mings" sounds like some sort of fashion accessory. "Carmen tossed her silky hair and glanced coyly at the hot construction workers as she sensually rolled up her sequined purple mings over her freshly waxed thighs." or something like that. Dude, I need to get with my man. Talk to you later.

Missie said...

Y'all make me laugh. Thanks for being my blogfriends. ;)