Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time Flies...

Hello, my friends! Or are you still my friends, seeing as how I haven't posted here in forever?

To say the last year has been crazy would be an incredible understatement. A brief synopsis of our time apart: Turning 40, quitting a job I've had for a decade, surviving sending the Second Child to kindergarten and the First Child to high school, driver's ed for First Child, First Child growing taller than me (shut up), starting a new job that hopefully will have some kind of future, and many economic and social changes in our little sphere. I've been a tad busy, y'all.

But one thing I find very sad is I have let myself go somewhere along the way. My love of writing (and need to write) have been shoved to the back burner while I try to manage all the other pots on the stove. I've let my health deteriorate and all the weight I tried and succeeded at losing come back on. I've been rushing my kids through their childhood and not stopping long enough to really enjoy these precious, irreplaceable years I have with them. I'm changing into a person I don't like very much and recognize even less.

But admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery, right? A new leaf has been turned, a new corner rounded in this journey of my life. I am resolving to be more DELIBERATE in my living. I will be present with my children and not just there. I will strive to make memories with them, and not just accomplish tasks. And to quote the great philospher, Tim McGraw, I will "be a friend a friend would like to have."

What changes have there been in your lives? Catch me up, give me deets! I've missed you all so much, my little Internet posse. Do you find yourselves going through the motions and not really living? Is the daily grind grinding you down? We can encourage each other to be what we are called to be....who will join me?

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