Thursday, January 17, 2008

Laugh With Me

Wanna hear something funny?
'mKay, so this woman goes into Weight Watchers, like 2 years ago almost. And she pays all this money and she loses weight, like say, oh 17 pounds or so. And then, she goes off of Weight Watchers and tries to do it herself, on her own, since she's so smart and she's lost all this weight already and she has the materials and she knows how to do this and why pay this huge company any more money?
And then the woman's father dies, she has to take multiple business trips, she moves across the country, then faces the holidays. The woman realizes that "hey, this whole doing it on my own thing is not working out so hot for me, so let's rejoin WW!" Then the woman goes to her first meeting yesterday and gets weighed in...only to discover she has regained twelve of the seventeen pounds she lost. TWELVE, people! Twelve!!!!!! That is one more than eleven, one less than thirteen.
Laugh with me, my friends, lest I cry by myself.


StarvingWriteNow said...

Missie, you are a goddess no matter what some stupid scale says--and I'll be happy to take a hammer to it if it'll make you feel better.

You'll be okay so long as you keep laughing.

Missie said...


You are so sweet and I love you. (in a totally non-creepy anti-stalker way).

Robyn said...

I say throw that stupid scale away. Let's get weighed once a year at the doctor's, and let the fit of our clothing and how we feel be the measure of our health.

And I know how much you are loved by the people you love- the true measure of a woman.

Paige said...

YOu could be talking about me.

Mel said...

The only thing worse is to figure out how much you pay per pound to lose weight at Weight Watchers. (Me? A fortune . . . my per pound rate is not good.)