Monday, March 24, 2008

Answered Prayers

Alison came through the surgery like a champ and the surgeon was able to remove all the gunk from her lung area. She is currently on a ventilator, but will be removed from that tomorrow morning sometime. She has so much medicine in her little body right now that I know she is feeling no pain, but seeing her in this condition hurts the three of us more than anything. We are thanking God that the surgery went well and she is on her way to a full recovery with no lasting side effects. All your prayers made a difference.

We know she is receiving excellent care. We know she is right where she needs to be to get over this horrible pneumonia related illness. We know that trained medical professionals are watching her 24/7 with nothing on their minds but getting her well. We know all this.

But what I also know? Is that I will crawl into an empty bed tonight, because my bestest friend slash husband is at the hospital spending the night on a folding cot in a room across the hall from the Pediatric ICU because my curly-headed little girl is breathing through a ventilator that makes her sound like Darth Vader. My baby is not at my house, in her bed, being watched over by loving parents and a brother who loves her with all his heart. I know that I won't get woken up by her calls of "Maaaaahm! I nee apple juice!" at three am. I know that she won't be here in the morning, waking me up too early all because she "nee to watcha show!" I know this, and it breaks my heart.

But thank you, all of you, for your prayers and support and listening and all of it during this time. You are the bestest peoples ever. Your comments, phone calls and emails have made a world of difference in this hard time. To quote my daughter, "I wuv you duys!"

Alison should be in the hospital for at least five more days. Please continue to pray for her speedy full recovery and for fortitude for us.

Thanks again,

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StarvingWriteNow said...

SO GLAD to hear it!! I'll keep on with the good vibes!