Monday, April 7, 2008

Alright, Already!

My friend Becki from over at Nervous Girl chastised me via email the other day for not posting the results of Alison's doctors appointment on Thursday, and rightfully so. I am sorry about the delay on getting the info out there, but this pesky little thing called life keeps standing in the way of my blogging. Sheesh, if these children would quit clamoring to be fed, maybe I could get some stuff done around here!
Seriously though, the appointment went very well. First we had to take her to the hospital to get a chest x-ray. This part did not go so smoothly. She was ushered back into the same room where she had previous x-rays during her hospital stay, and this did not set well. Poor thing was so nervous and upset that someone somewhere was going to poke at her or give her nasty medicine that she just plain freaked out. Not that I blamed her in the tiniest bit, because I was not all that jazzed to be back at the hospital either.
The xray showed that there is still some inflammation in the pleural lining around her lung, but that is very normal based on what she had. There is still a bit of pneumonia in her lung itself, but the doctor seems to think that this will be reabsorbed (um, yuck) back into her body. She did get her PICC line taken out, which means no more IV antibiotics. (and all God's children said AMEN for that bit of news!) She is still on her very nasty tasting Clindamycin for the next week, but that is such a small price to pay for her getting better.
The doctor who saw her while in the hospital, Dr M, is such a nice man. He is very gentle with kids and has a great bedside manner. But because he was one of the people in scrubs who kept coming in to poke, prod, look at, or otherwise bother Alison? She has major things against him. When he came into the exam room, she just closed her eyes and turned her head away from him with this whole, "You are dead to me" vibe. She would not answer or respond to him in any way. I guess she figured that if she ignored him, he would go away. It was quite hilarious to watch, and yet sad at the same time. My girl, who would normally be Miss BlahBlahStranger LetMeTalkYourEarOff Girl, now has Scrub Anxiety.
Last night, when she was being a little stinker and trying to lick her daddy's face, we realized that she is fully back to Pre-Hospitalized Ali Form. Her personality has come back full force, as has her energy level. I believe at one point my husband's comment was, "Did you give her crack?" (and in case you are wondering, No, I did not. I only give my children pot.) (I so fuddy.)
She has an appointment this Thursday with her surgeon. I may or may not at some point post pictures of what her little back looks like with the stitches and the scar and all that, you know, just to freak you out. I figure if we have to look at it and cringe, you should too. Because I said so.
And I am working on the hospital story for a later posting. And by later posting, well, you know what I mean. And by working on it, I mean I am thinking about writing it in between doing laundry and eating all the food in my house. Because I have priorities, people.


StarvingWriteNow said...

Hope all goes well! And I appreciate the opportunity of cringing at incisions, etc. Thanks!

Missie said...

I live to serve, baby. I live to serve.

Jessica said...

You give your kids pot, too?

Missie said...

I learned it from you, Jess.

Robyn said...

I keep telling you, Scotch works better. It's legal, too.