Thursday, May 15, 2008

How to put it?

Dear Nice Lady,

Thanks for coming by my booth at the conference today. It was a pleasure meeting you and discussing how we might do business together.

On a personal note, I thought your lemon yellow capri pantsuit was divine. It was breezy and casual, yet dressy. Perfect for the conference setting in this beautiful resort. Your hair and make up were fantastic, and the glasses you chose were just the right shape for your face. Your jewelry added just the right touch, a little bling but not too much. And your shoes? We will not get into a discussion of your shoes, because they were divine and made me want to mug you for them. It is obvious you put alot of care and thought into your fashion choices.

But next time? You might want to reconsider the black thong. I am just sayin'.

Your New Friend,


Jessica said...

Aaaahhhh-some. I was totally jealous of her for 30 seconds.

StarvingWriteNow said...


I'm having a vision. Yellow Suit Woman at your booth, you're saying your goodbyes, she turns around and

Missie: "My eyes! My eyes! Get some disinfectant, get some hot water, get some iodine! Aaaahhh!"

Missie said...

That's about how it went, too.

Me too.

Robyn said...

You need to get a camera phone. I'm just sayin.

Jessica said...

Robyn, I agree with you...I shared this story with about three women in my office, they all asked for a picture. I chalk this up to a summer attire life lesson.

Paige said...

So kind of you to let her know.