Thursday, May 22, 2008

So Not Fair

Some of you may already know this, but for those who do not, Christian recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman and his family have suffered a horrible loss this week. Their five year old daughter, Maria, was struck and killed in the driveway of their family home in a vehicle driven by one of the Chapmans' teenaged sons.

I cannot begin to imagine the horror and grief that this family is going through right now. In addition to the loss of their precious girl, they are having to deal with the tragedy being caused by one of their other children. My son would be absolutely devastated if he were to cause pain or injury to my daughter...their son is surely feeling guilt and self-blame beyond comprehension.

I remember hearing Steven in concert about nineteen years ago in a small church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was up on stage with his guitar, singing these heart-felt songs that he had written. He spoke of his love for God and for his wife and children. He was so genuine, so down to earth, so real. A few years ago, a friend loaned me a video that Steven and his wife had made showing their journey towards adopting a little girl from China. Since then, they have adopted a total of three. Maria was one of them. By the end of the video, I was in tears and thanking God that there are people like the Chapmans in the world who will rescue babies from orphanages.

Let's all say a prayer for this family. Not just today, but any time that you remember them. They are going to need it.


Jeff said...


I saw the news last night and was in shock. I'm still having such a hard time wrapping my brain around this. It's one thing to think how a tragedy hurts to think of the impact of anyone. Let alone it be someone who's career you've followed for the past 20 years or so. In our society we build a connection with so many "stars" based on how often we read and hear of them, from them, and about them. Knowing the type of man Steven is, and the type of dad he is; makes it hurt that much more.

Much prayer for the Chapmans!

Jessica said...

I'm with Jeff on this one.

Robyn said...

I heard about it this morning, and I just wanted to cry. I cannot imagine how horrible their son is feeling, and they all have a very hard road ahead of them.

michellewillingham said...

I can't imagine anything more devastating. Losing a child is one thing. Having one child cause the death is just unthinkable. It's just awful.