Monday, September 22, 2008

Back In the Saddle...Again

So, today starts the zilliondy-seventh time I have begun Weight Watchers on my own. It's 2pm and so far, so good. (If you are wondering exactly how much zilliondy-seven is? It is roughly equal to what we as taxpayers now owe thanks to Fannie, Freddy, and AIG.)

I have Chicken Tortilla Soup cooking in the crockpot. The house is filled with the wonderful aroma of the peppers and spices. If it tastes as good as it smells, I will post the recipe for you.

Do you realize it's only two months until Thanksgiving? Which means only three months until Christmas? Which means that if you are like me, Miss BakeyMcMakeTreatsAlot, then there is only so much time to lose any extra weight before the holidays hit...and with it the extra pounds.

So today, I announce the Fall Drop A Turkey Extravaganza 2008 Edition. (Catchy name, no?) If you want to lose some extra poundage (um, like some people need to lose roughly the equivalent of two turkeys, coughcough, not me for I am but a shadow) but are having a hard time doing it and need some "encouragement", feel free to email me directly at I promise to keep on your back if you keep on mine. Together we can lose and get in shape for the holidays. Those of you who feel like it can disclose your stats to me, such as current weight, pounds lost goal, etc. I will post weekly updates here, such as "Thumbelina lost four pounds this week!" (I will not post your current weight on the site, so no worries there.)The person losing the highest percentage of weight by December 1st wins a $5 Starbucks gift card. So get signed up today, and get the pounds off by the time the family gathers around the dry turkey.

In other news, I signed up on facebook and myspace. And am now getting friend requests from people I have never heard of. My popularity knows no bounds, apparently.

In still other news, Girlfriend has decided that there's more than one use for a hand-crocheted Barbie dress. And that she doesn't need to nap anymore.

What up, dog?

Is it sad or just pathetic when you realize your preschooler is cooler than you?
Come on, vogue!


dramadork23 said...

nice post

michellewillingham said...

Good luck on the weight loss! I'm right there with you. Doing the low carb thing. Sigh...

Robyn said...

There's probably a book called Low-
carb Christmas out there somewhere. If I find it, I'll have to roast it over an open flame.

Paige said...

"Miss BakeyMcMakeTreatsAlot"?! Oh, that is SO me. I love to bake treats. And not just to eat them ALL myself (although sometimes I think that's what happens), I do like to take treats to people.

I am hoping to lose one turkey (or the equivelant 15-20 pounds) by Christmas.

But I'm SOOOO hungry! And I really just ate lunch.