Friday, November 14, 2008

Again with the packing...

Tomorrow I leave on a business trip to San Antonio. While I am looking forward to the nice weather, shopping on the Riverwalk, and hanging out with my mom, I am not looking forward to the TEN HOURS it will take me to get there.


Normally, I love the travel part of traveling. I like planes, like airports (except LAX), like catching up on my reading and having some alone time. What I don't like is having to take a flight from Boise to LA, wait two hours, take a flight from LA to Dallas, wait two hours, then arrive in San Antonio. No. I do not like that at all.

But I can't really complain (well, yes I can, but I shouldn't). I have a job where I get to work from home and raise my babies, travel occasionally, and get paid really well. That really wins over a ten hour travel day.

At least when I come back home, I only have to travel eight.


Robyn said...

Except aren't you traveling more than occasionally now? It seems every week you're jetting off somewhere.

Missie said...

That's just the lifestyle of the rich and famous, baby. Envy me.

No, you are right. It was just three weeks ago that I was in San Diego. But now it looks like I am not going anywhere other than to visit family for awhile.