Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Baby

Me: Alison, you better straighten up!

Alison: NO!

Me: Okay, I will just tell Santa when he calls that you are being a very bad girl. He won't like that.

Ali: (short pause, thoughtful look) Can we call Santa, Mommy? I wanna talkta Santa! I call him on yer phone! Santa, wheh ahh you?

Me: (slapping self upside the head for thinking this would work)

The next day.....

Ali: Mom, when Santa gonna call? I talk to him? I tell him bring me some pwessent! For Chwissmas! I yike Santa! I call him now, okay?

Me: (again with the slapping)

The next day....

Ali: I doen yike Santa.

Me: You don't like Santa?!

Ali: No. I doen yike him. He mean.

Me: Oooooh, you better not say that! He won't bring you any presents!

Ali: I juss kidden! I yike him yots, Mommy! He nice. I just kidden.

I asso yike yong walks on da beach, Dora, and canny. You habb some canny? I can habb it?


Chatty said...

LOL Cats are soooo 2008. It's all about LOL Ali now.

Merry Sunshine said...

Even I, who has no children, know that you DON'T ask a 3 yr old if they want to talk to Santa! What were you thinking? LOL!

J. Cordelia said...

LOL, children are halarious.