Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Takin One for the Team

Current location: A lovely dining room, overlooking a pool, golf course, and beautiful changing trees in the lake country of Wisconsin.

Current mood: Happy and caffeinated.

Current reason for being in current location and current mood: Attending a conference for work and lots of coffee.

Current surprising facts: Managed to get myself from Chicago O'Hare Airport up to said lake country without getting lost. In fact, stopped along the way for lunch, shopping, and wonderful conversation with some of the nicest people ever.

Current plan: Getting ready to go set up our exhibit booth for the conference. Will then probably drive down to quaint little lake town for some shopping for Mother's Day presents and other goodies. Possibly lunch at another lovely dining room overlooking another lake. And maybe to blog more later. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

Current thing I need to do but maybe won't and certainly don't want to: Go work out in the resort's state of the art health facility.

Life is hard, my friends. Life is hard...


StarvingWriteNow said...

I can tell you're having a REALLY tough time of it! I'll be taking one for the team next weekend; all that hiking and zip-lining and jacuzzi sitting will be so rough.

Safe trip home!

Stephanie said...

Hi - Uh, for someone who gives me a lot of CRAP about not posting, you sure are falling down on the job... Get to work! I finally posted something after what, like, 5 months?!! I am trying to be "nice to myself." How cute and fuzzy. Anyway - it's high time that you wrote something here at this thing you call a BLOG. See ya.