Thursday, November 26, 2009

So Thankful

For a clean desk, a warm house, a mom who makes delicious pecan pies, a mother in law who helps me organize my messy pantry, two great kids who are my heart, a funny father in law, a handsome husband who still makes my heart flip over after 17 years, yummy candles, pretty china, a paid off car, a full pantry, two full freezers, butter, tasty coffee with peppermint mocha creamer, Black Friday sales, Christmas music, a toasty fireplace, an oven that works, a few days off, a friendly church family, a sweet New Yorker who's become a very important person in my life, an Okie whom I've never seen in person but whose heart knows mine well, and a gorgeous intelligent college friend who makes beautiful jewelry and sends me the prototype to wear proudly, and a wonderful blog family that makes me smile every time they drop by my little spot on the Internet. But most of all, to a God who loved me enough to give His Son so that I might know Him.

Have a happy blessed day, everyone.


Jessica said...

Love you lots!!!

Stephanie said...

Love this list! How lucky you are!
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Stephanie said...

What are you doing? Not blogging, that is for certain!!

I just wanted to say that I am back to blogging and am about to start a new diet (Medifast) and was going through my links and thought, "how the heck is that missy chick doing, anyway?"

So - Come by and chat sometime.

Candace said...

This makes me happy and grateful just to read.

tracirabin said...

Sweet blog.