Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Poll, New Poll!

Check out the soda pop poll over there on the right and 'fess up...How much of the stuff are ya drinkin'? Reaching for a soda when you know that it's water you need?

Yeah, me too. Guilty as charged.

I think of a tall icy glass of diet soda as a treat for being good all day. We can have it, but remember...everything in moderation.

Will have an actual post with words and thoughts and everything later in the week. Too much work to do now. Wah.

Will now go drink soda....

Mommy, should you really be bathing in that bubbly brown stuff?


Robyn said...

Hey, you need a 'weekly' to that poll. I don't drink it everyday, but I do 1-2 times a week.

Missie said...

Um, excuse me? Did you just correct me on my own blog? Are we doing this? Huh? Bring it on, Weekly Spice!

Just because you were right, and I thought I already gave that choice, means nothing! Nothing, I tell you! I am still queen of, blogdom! You cannot dictate to the Queen!

(if I can figure out how to edit the poll, then I will. If not, feel free to give your answer that I didn't list here. In the comments. Where you wouldn't have to leave it if I gave you the right choice.)

Moving right along....

Robyn said...

You're so touchy! Did you have your bubbly caffeinated beverage today?

Actually, just wanted you to know that my answer skewed your poll. I put "no," but I do have a soda 2 times a week.

Had one yesterday, in fact, to treat myself because I cleaned MY ENTIRE HOUSE, top to bottom. Now if it would only stay that way...