Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What's In a Name?

Some of you may be wondering where I got the name for this here blog. The story is kind of funny and it goes something like this...

One day about a year or so ago, my husband and I were looking at our wedding pictures. In one of them, you see a fresh-faced young couple with huge grins on their faces, about ready to cut the cake. My mermaid-style wedding gown looked very flattering on my trim body, and my husband stood tall and debonair in his tux. Roger looked over at me and said, "What ever happened to those people?" I replied, "Honey, we ate those people." I then went on to laugh about how I was so much mooooooore of a woman now than I was when we wed, meaning the thirty five additional pounds I had packed on between kids and sedentary office jobs. We laughed a good bit about that and the conversation was soon forgotten.

Recently, as I looked back on that same picture, I discovered that I am more of a woman in many areas than I was back then. I would like to think that the greatest change in me hasn't been my weight gain, but my personality gain. My empathy gain. My understanding gain. My love gain. I rather hope that I am also less of a woman, less self-centered, less impatient, less judgmental. I am more in mass, but less in self-consciousness. I am more in size, but less in unforgiveness. I am less of the servant of God than I want to be, but hopefully more like Him as time goes on.

That's what I am striving for, people. To be less and more at the same time. How about for today, we examine ourselves. Are we less in areas that are important, but more in areas that are temporal and don't really mean much? How about for today, just for today, we all try to be a little more understanding, and a little less hurried? A little more giving, and a little less taking. Let's move a little more, and talk a little less. Let's be a little more kind to those in our family, and a little less accomodating to those that we don't have eternal connections with.

Go forth today and be less...and more.


Robyn said...

Okay. I never, ever want to hear again about how I'm the great writer and you're a wannabe. Shut up.

Oh, no, I don't mean- keep writing and all that- I just mean...oh you know what I mean.

Missie said...

You are very sweet, my friend.