Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I am in California this week at our company's head office, doing document reproduction work. Which is a glorified way of saying I am copying, filing, and printing reports out the wazoo. I arrived yesterday morning and won't be back home until Friday night. I already miss the family, but it sure is nice to be able to have an entire latte to myself.
Remember, like a hundred years ago, when I instituted Recipe Friday? Which then got changed to Recipe Whenever I Remember, which then got changed to Recipes That Will Never Happen Because I am Too Busy to Remember and You Guys Think I am Full of Crud? Yeah? Good times, they were. Anyway, today I am imparting to you my recipe for zucchini because 1) It's super easy, B) I need content to fill this here blog besides my rambling, and Thirdly), It is super yummy and you will like it. I found the original recipe on, of all things, a romance readers' blog in the comments, and have adapted it to fit our family's palate. Feel free to pass this off as your own, but remember to secretly thank me when people rave about it, mkay?
Missie's Zucchini (because I am all wordsmithy like that)
Zucchini, Peeled and sliced in whatever size appeals to you
Onions, chopped
Brown Sugar
Beef Boullion Powder or Cubes, and Water
Cayenne Pepper or Pepper Flakes
Saute zucchini and onions over med high heat in butter. When zucchini starts to soften, add brown sugar. Start with about 2-3 tablespoons. You can always add more later. Dissolve beef boullion cube in about 1/4 c boiling water and add to pan. If using beef boullion powder, which I prefer, add about 1-2 tbsp. There is no need to add additional salt, because the boullion is salty enough. Add cayenne and simmer for about ten minutes. You can make this as sweet or spicy as you desire. Add more sugar or beef boullion to taste.
My husband loves this served over a hamburger patty. This makes a great side dish, and an unusual way to use up the zucchini overflowing your garden (or the gardens of people from church who foist their extras off on you after service).
If you try this, give me your opinion!
Have a good one, everyone!
p.s. Update on the Invitashuns of Eggsellent Grammer: They were ordered from an actual printshop! Boggles the mind, doesn't it?


StarvingWriteNow said...

Seriously? They ordered those from a printer?? OMG.

I am not a zucchini fan; never have been. but I'll pass the recipe along to my sister; she loves the stuff.

Robyn said...

One of these days you're going to get to stay home for more than a month. And I'm all over that zucchini; brown sugar makes everything better.

Jessica said...

sowndz deelishuss...pass the muneshine